Upcoming Events

We hope that you can join us for one of our upcoming events!
  • The July swap will be on July 20 at Free Range Office in Wicker Park. Registration is now open. There will be a $5 fee to register for the July swap to discourage no-shows and to cover costs, including for the use of the space. Registration will be capped at 50 swappers. 
  • There is no swap in August, Enjoy the month off and we will be back in September. 
Starting in September, the Chicago Food Swap will be meeting at the Fearless Food Kitchen in the Broadway Armory. The dates for the fall swaps are as follows:
  • September 28 at 2 pm
  • October 19 at 2 pm
  • November 16 at 2 pm
Please email founder Emily Paster at westoftheloop at gmail.com if you'd like more information or become a fan on Facebook.